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To Create a Blog in Joomla 2.5 we need to follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1: Login to your Joomla Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Content> Category Manager> Add New Category

create a new category (eg. blog)

Step 3: Go to Content> Article Manager> Add New Article

create a new article (eg. my first blog) and write whatever you feel like blogging on your blog, don't forget to select the category blog in the options given below.

Step 4: Go to Menus> To the relevant Menu where you want the Menu Item to be displayed> Add New Menu Item

create a new menu item and give this Menu a title (eg. Blog), click on menu item type and select under Articles option Category Blog. On the right hand side under Required Settings choose a category "blog" that we created in Step 2.

Hey now we are ready with our basic blog layout for the website!! Now whatever articles you will write under the category "blog" will be displayed under the Menu Item "Blog" on your website. For checking out additional settings navigate to Menu Item from Menu Manager on Joomla Dashboard and see various settings such as Category Options, Blog Layout Options etc.

Now the problem occurs that with a Blog setup on your website you would always like people to give comments on your blogposts, Solution for this has been explained in the section given below.

 How To Let People Comment On Your Blogposts

Its really very important and one can easily add this feature in its blog by using the third party service of Disqus which is absolutely free, Follow some simple steps given below:

Step 1: Download the Disqus Comments plugin for joomla from

Step 2: Login to your Joomla Website Dashboard and go to Extensions> Extension Manager

under heading Upload Package File browse to the downloaded zip file on your Computer, Click Upload & Install Button to install the plugin.

Step 3: Navigate to Extensions> Plug-in Manager 

check for DISQUS Comments for Joomla! (by JoomlaWorks) & System - DISQUS Comments for Joomla! (by JoomlaWorks), make sure both plugins are enabled.

Step 4: Create an account on Disqus Website by signing up on the url:

Step 5: Login to the website & click on the gear icon (settings) on the top right corner, Click "Add Disqus To Site". You will be navigated to page.

Step 6: Fill in the details and finish registration. Be careful while choosing the unique Disqus url as this will also become your sites shortname which you will require in your Disqus plugin in Joomla & will also not be able to change.

Step 7: repeat Step 3 and click on DISQUS Comments for Joomla! (by JoomlaWorks) content plugin.

Step 8: On the right hand side under Basic Options fill in the field "Your DISQUS subdomain (shortname)" this will be the shortname you opted in Step 6.

Step 9: Select category "blog" ( as was created in Step 2 of Blog Creation ) under heading "Select categories to render the plugin".

Step 10: Under the heading "Select menu items to render the plugin" select menu "Blog"  ( as was created in Step 4 of Blog Creation ). Save & Close the plugin.

Congrats!! Your Blog with comments feature has been created. Go to your website and click on the menu Blog. Hopefully you will see an article with Disqus comments box at the end of the article. You can customize the appearance of the comments box as per your website requirements. To learn more about this check: